Have you thought of implementing fishing rod building into your school, classroom or programme but don’t know how? Well, here at U Build Rods we’ve developed a really easy way to get started on your rod building adventure. We also here to provide friendly support to help you throughout the entire process.
RodKits Rod Building Course

What is the RodKits Fishing Rod Building Course?

The course is a step by step guide through the fundamentals of building a fishing rod from start to finish.

How do I access the Course?

The RodKits Fishing Rod Building Course is available completely free and you can access it online through our course app. Check it out here: The RodKits Fishing Rod Building Course

What do the students get out of the course?

Nothing can really compare with the sense of accomplishment gained from building your own rod and catching your first fish on it. Students taking the course will be expected to build their very own fishing rod from scratch. For school teachers looking to implement rod building into the classroom, the course also fulfils requirements for Aquatic Practices, Marine and Aquaculture Technology and other Marine Studies based classes. It can also be implemented in technology-based classrooms with a focus on client requirements, design, building and testing. We have great lesson plans and more available for teachers here: RodKits Course Resources Page

But I don’t know how to build a fishing rod how will I be able to teach my students?

The beauty of our course is that it needs no experience whatsoever to get started. Our unique easy to follow videos help guide you and your students step by step through the rod building process. If you’ve seen the videos and still need some guidance we’ll do our best to set up a one on one to show you the ins and outs of the course. We also have printable manuals, lessons plans and more valuable resources to help you out. We’re only a phone call or email away. If you get stuck or need a hand and we’re always happy to help. The RodKits Fishing Rod Building Course

What sort of tools and equipment do I need to build a fishing rod?

Fishing rod building does require some specific tools and equipment. Everything is available through U Build Rods. You will need to get some or all of these depending on your setup. Have a look at the first lesson in our RodKits Course Introducing the RodKit – Tools and Materials for an indication of what you’ll need. We understand that everyone’s situation is different. Depending on the classroom environment and how many students you have taking the course we have a few different options available to you and we can tailor-make a package that suits you perfectly.


If you are ready to get started or have any questions email us at info@ubuildrods.com.au or phone us on 0490 416 359. We’d love to hear from you.