01 Introducing the RodKit – Tools and Materials

Each RodKit will contain all the components you need to build a fishing rod. Each kit should contain the following components:

Printable Checklist

Kit Components:

Rod blank

This is the main structural element of the fishing rod, made from T24 Carbon

Butt Cap

Sits on the butt of the rod protecting the carbon blank from damage.

EVA grips x2

Foam tubes that become the handles / grips for the fishing rod

Reel Seat

Sits between the fore and rear grip and acts as a seat for attaching a reel to the fishing rod

Rod Guides

#25, #16, #12, #10, and #8 x 2 – The rod guides carry or guide the fishing line. Double coated black stainless steel with titanium oxide shock rings.

Rod Tip

Acts as a guide for the tip of the rod – tip can also be wrapped like a guide.


Used for wrapping the rod guides to the blank.

Tools Required:

Butane Burner or high heat source

For melting the thermal glue

Rod Stands

Holds the Rod Blank during construction

Bobbin Holder

Holds the thread bobbin and creates tension in the thread.

Thread Scissors or sharp blade

For cutting thread during wrapping.

Burnishing Tool

For tightening and finishing the wraps.

Dryer + Dryer Stands

Rotisserie for drying the guide coating.

Alcohol Burner

Removes epoxy bubbles.

File or Grinder

Filing down guides prior to wrapping

Material Components Required:

Arbor Tape

Used for creating arbors, marking the rod and in wrapping the guides.

Chinagraph Pencil

Non-permanent pencil used for marking the rod blank. Easy to see and easy to clean.

Epoxy Kit

For fixing the handle assembly and coating the wraps. Includes 2 part epoxy and fumed silica

Methylated Spirits

For cleaning Epoxy

Sand Paper

For scoring blank prior to installing handle

Mixing Cups

Mixing epoxy

Mixing Sticks

Mixing and applying epoxy

Measuring Syringe x 2

For measuring epoxy parts

Sable Brush

For applying clear coat epoxy to guide wraps.

Thermal Glue

For gluing the rod tip

Metallic or coloured wrapping thread

For creating unique or advanced wraps

Cleaning Rags

For cleaning epoxy

Optional Tools that make Rod Build a breeze:

Spine Finder

An easy to use tool used for finding the spine of a blank with 100% accuracy.

Electric Epoxy Mixer

For mixing epoxy perfectly without bubbles

Guide Holder

A fantastic tool for holding the guides while wrapping

Permanent Market or Indelible Ink Pen

Creating permanent writing or markings on the rod

Braid Pull Through

Loop for tying off tag end of each wrap