Welcome to the RodKits Fishing Rod Building Course.

Here at U Build Rods, we have taken the fundamentals of rod building to create a progressive forward thinking course that students can really relate to. Out of the course, students will take home a quality, personalised handmade fishing rod that they can use for many years to come or gift to the fishing enthusiast in the family.

The Rodkits course aims to expose students to a range of exciting new tools, materials and unique construction techniques that are hands-on and can be applied not only to the fishing industry but also – Technology, Design and Manufacturing fields.

For teachers, the course is simple and easy. At the core is our comprehensive Video Training Manuals which guide you and your students step by step through the rod building process. We also have printable manuals, lesson plans and teachers resources. Specifically designed to comply with Australian Curriculum Unit Standard SISOFSH314A Construct and repair fishing Rods.

All tools and materials are available through U Build Rods. We are also happy to provide support and training for students and teachers to help you throughout the course.

I hope you enjoy your rod building journey.

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Lesson 1 – Introducing the RodKit


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