Building a fishing rod is great fun. It’s also an extremely rewarding experience to take out your own hand made rod and catch a fish. Here at U Build Rods we’ve tried to make getting started with building a fishing rod as easy as possible.

With over 35 years of experience in rod building we have developed a simple and fun way to get people involved in building fishing rods through our RodKits – Fishing Rod Building Course. This course is based around easy to follow videos that walk you step by step through the rod building process.

The RodKits Fishing Rod Building Course can be completed either by video, online or if you’re a little bit old school, we also offer the whole course in a printable manual. This is all available completely free.

The Complete Rod Building Starter RodKit comes complete with all the rod building components, all glues and adhesives and all rod building specific tools you’ll need to get started. It also includes a single-use Rod Dryer to get a crystal clear epoxy finish

Get your Rod Building Starter Kit Now and start building your first fishing rod.

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More interested in just getting some components?

Our UBR RodKit comes with all the components neede to build a quality 6’8 2-5 kg spin rod

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Get your UBR RodKit Now and start building.