Ultra Clear Epoxy Kit + Fumed Silica

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Premium Fishing Rod Building Finishing Epoxy + Handle Glue Kit

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Ultra Clear Fishing Rod Building Epoxy is designed and manufactured in Australia for Australian conditions. UBR Ultra Clear is a 2 part, low viscosity epoxy that produces crystal clear finish. It is solvent free and cures to form an extremely high strength abrasive resistance protective coating which is perfect for fishing rod building applications. Tolerant of humidity and serviceable to temperatures up to 100° Celsius. It even has great curing properties even at low working temperatures.

This epoxy works extremely well with suspended pigments for marbling details.

15ml Kit includes 10ml Syringe Part A + 5ml Syringe Part B + Approx. 1gram fumed Silica

30ml Kit includes 20ml Syringe Part A + 10ml Syringe Part B + Approx. 2 grams fumed Silica

150ml Kit includes 100ml Part A + 50ml Part B + Approx. 125ml fumed Silica

375ml Kit includes 250ml Part A + 125ml Part B + Approx. 250ml grams fumed Silica

750ml Kit includes 500ml Part A + 250ml Part B + Approx. 2 x 250ml grams fumed silica

Unlike all other rod building epoxies that require a gel epoxy and a clear finishing epoxy, UBR Ultra Clear Epoxy Kit is one pack of epoxy. Combining the UBR Ultra Clear with UBR Fumed Silica we can form a paste or gel for glueing handles, grips and reel seats. The Paste forms a high-quality slow cure epoxy that creates a very strong flexible bond between the blank and components. The bond is completely waterproof and flexible giving the user a responsive feel through the handle.

This kit will be sufficient for finishing the guides and glueing handles/reel seats on approximately 15 rods.

Nil V.O.C. Free from any suspected or potential carcinogens.

Cure Time: 48 hours at 5°C
36 hours at 15°C
24 hours at 25°C
12 hours at 35°C
Tack-free time 8 hours at 15°C
(thin film initial cure) 6 hours at 25°C
3 hours at 35°C

Epoxy Mixing Instructions PDF

RodKit Mixing Instructions:

Handle Paste

Rear Handle + Butt Cap
2ml Part A + 1ml Part B + 1 level teaspoon Fumed Silica
Reel Seat + Front Grip
4ml Part A + 2ml Part B + 1 heaped teaspoon Fumed Silica


  1. Add 2 parts of A with 1 part of B to a mixing cup.
  2. Add fumed silica powder to the mix.
  3. Stir thoroughly for 5 minutes with a stirring stick.
  4. Working time is approximately 30mins at 25°C
  5. Check the mix. If it is stiff enough to stick to the stirring stick without dripping it is good. If it is a bit
    runny add a small amount of fumed silica until it is the right consistency.

Finishing Epoxy

2ml Part A + 1ml Part B


  1. In your mixing cup add 2 parts of A with 1 part of B to a clean mixing cup.
  2. Stir thoroughly for 5 minutes using a mixing stick. Scrape the edges of the mixing container to ensure
    complete and thorough mixing has been achieved. Keep your movements slow and the stirrer
    touching the bottom of the mixing cup. Stirring too quickly can introduce unwanted bubbles into the
  3. Working time is approximately 30mins at 25°C