Templar 5-10kg Carbon Surf Rod Blank

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5-10kg Templar 12ft T24 Carbon 3 Piece Surf Rod Blank

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The blank is a Templar 12510SB. 12′ in length & constructed from quality Toray T24 carbon with a beautiful gloss finish. Comes as a 3 piece so it can be packed up so it’s great for transporting. The action is medium-fast, with cast weight of 20 to 90grams. This rod blank is rated at 5 to 10kg. Suitable for tailor, salmon, Jew fish etc.

Templar T24 Blank Specs
Templar Model number Length Action Pieces Line Weight kg Cast weight Butt Diam mm Tip/Top mm Finish
T68MF25 6'8" Medium-Fast 2 2-5kg 5-10g 12 1.84 Carbon Black
T68MF68 6'8" Medium-Fast 2 6-8kg 10-25g 13 2.3 Carbon Black
T120MF25 12' Medium-Fast 2 2-5kg 5-50g 13.1 1.84 Carbon Black
T120MF510 12' Medium-Fast 2 5-10kg 30-80g 18 2.4 Carbon Black
T120MF510-3 12' Medium-Fast 3 5-10kg 20-90g 18 2.9 Carbon Black