Templar 2-5kg Carbon Surf Rod Blank

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2-5kg Templar 12ft T24 Carbon 2 Piece Light Surf Rod Blank

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2 Piece Light Surf Blank. Suitable for Whiting, Bream, Flathead, Dart, Trevally, Blackfish etc.

The blank is a Templar T120MF25. 12′ in length & constructed from quality Toray T24 carbon with a beautiful gloss finish. Comes as a 2 piece so it can be packed up so it’s great for transporting. The action is medium-fast, with cast weight of 5-50grams. This rod blank is rated at 2 to 5kg.

This blank comes with a parallel butt section and the action is in the top 2 thirds of the rod. This means the blank can be shortened down to 9ft without affecting the action.

Templar T24 Blank Specs
Templar Model number Length Action Pieces Line Weight kg Cast weight Butt Diam mm Tip/Top mm Finish
T68MF25 6'8" Medium-Fast 2 2-5kg 5-10g 12 1.84 Carbon Black
T68MF68 6'8" Medium-Fast 2 6-8kg 10-25g 13 2.3 Carbon Black
T120MF25 12' Medium-Fast 2 2-5kg 5-50g 13.1 1.84 Carbon Black
T120MF510 12' Medium-Fast 2 5-10kg 30-80g 18 2.4 Carbon Black
T120MF510-3 12' Medium-Fast 3 5-10kg 20-90g 18 2.9 Carbon Black