6-8kg R-Tech Barra Stick

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R Tech Ocean Blue 6-8kg 6’6 Barra Blank. RT661F68

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R Tech Ocean Blue series 6-8kg Rod Blank – RT661F68 – Ocean Blue series blanks have a deep blue finish which goes slightly translucent in direct light.

This 6’6 Barra Stick has a parallel but so it can be shortened without affecting the action. Perfect for Barra.

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Constructed from premium, high-modulus 35 Tonne (T35) Japanese Toray carbon. The R-Tech blanks have been specifically crafted using an Integrated helix core IHC technology to provide precise, technique-specific actions that meet the demands of fishing enthusiasts.

Exotic rods built for discerning anglers. R-Tech utilises the absolute latest fishing rod blank design and technology advancements to provide extraordinary performance.

The IHC helix core provides more stability and less distortion throughout the loaded blank meaning more power and much better recovery than traditional blanks.

T35 Japanese Toray carbon is stronger lighter and more responsive than traditional T24 carbon. The only offset to the benefits of T35 carbon is that they are more brittle and therefore more prone to high sticking than lighter carbons and only recommended for experienced anglers.

R-Tech Blank Specs
R Tech Model numberLengthactionPieces kgCast weightButt Diam mmTip/Top mmActual WeightFinish
RT701F137'Fast11-3kg1-10g11.11.637.2gOcean Blue
RT701F147'Fast11-4kg3-10g11.31.738gOcean Blue
RT702F147'Fast21-4kg3-10g10.71.945gOcean Blue
RT701F257'Fast12-5kg3-12g11.51.946.6gOcean Blue
RT701F477'Fast14-7kg10-40g11.72.051gOcean Blue
RT701F5107'Fast15-10kg30-60g12.02.057gOcean Blue
RT661F686'6Fast16-8kg30-90g13.02.290gOcean Blue
RT701F7157'Fast17-15kg30-70g12.82.070gOcean Blue
RT762MF5107'6Medium-Fast25-10kg25-80g16.32.3130gOcean Blue
RT762MF8107'6Medium-Fast28-10kg25-80g16.32.3130gOcean Blue
RTD701MF687'0Medium-Fast16-8kg30-60g17.92.9125gBlue Ribbed
RTD701MF107'0Medium-Fast18-10kg30-70g17.83.0145gBlue Ribbed
RTD701MF157'0Medium-Fast110-15kg30-90g17.93.1170gBlue Ribbed
RTC701F107'0Fast18-10kg30-90g19.752.7285gBlack Gloss
RTC701F157'0Fast110-15kg40-100g20.33.2320gBlack Gloss
RTC5101MF105'10Medium-Fast110kg-17.83.4220gBlack Gloss
RTC5101MF155'10Medium-Fast115kg-18.33.65250gBlack Gloss
RTC5101MF245'10Medium-Fast124kg-19.44.4285gBlack Gloss