06 Setting up Your Work Area and Preparing Your Guides

What do I need for this lesson?

Components Checklist:
  • Guides
  • Thread
Tools Checklist:
  • File or Grinder
  • Bobbin holder
  • Rod Stands
Materials Checklist:
  • Glue, Epoxy or Screw and Drill

Setting up Your Work Area and Preparing Your Guides

We need to prepare our guides and bobbin for wrapping. Your work area for wrapping the guides is also very important. The work area can be set up for standing or sitting but it is important that you are comfortable at your work area.


  1. Preparing the Guide for Wrapping

    When wrapping the guides we need to wrap our thread up onto the foot of the guide. A guide with a blunt foot makes this much harder. By filing the end of the guide foot to a point we make the wrapping process so much easier.

    When using power tools please use the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment.
    Always be aware of your surroundings.

    1. Using a file or grinder, file a ramp on the end of the guide foot. Try not to damage the guide ring or frame in this process.
    2. Grind the ramp and the sides of the foot a little until you have a nice sharp point.
    3. Check the underside of the guide and file off any burrs you may have created.
  2. Threading the bobbin.
    1. Place your spool of thread into the bobbin holder
    2. Take the end of thread and wrap it around one of the arms
    3. Thread the thread up through the tube of the bobbin.
  3. Setting up the Rod Stands:
    1. Assemble your Rod Stands by attaching each base to its upright either with handle Epoxy or by screwing them together.
    2. If using the handle epoxy please allow 24hrs for the epoxy to dry before using the Rod Stands.

    3. Place the stands on your work bench so that the uprights are approximately 500mm apart and you want the edge of the base to line up with the edge of your workbench (or close to it) This ensures that weight of the bobbin on the rod pulls as close to down as possible and not pull it out of the stand.
    4. Test your work area by placing a blank in the stands and adjust the height if necessary. You will spend a lot of time in this position so make sure it is comfortable.