04 Installing the Rod Tip

What do I need for this lesson?

Components Checklist:
  • Rod Blank
  • Rod Tip
Tools Checklist:
  • Butane Burner or Heat Source to melt thermal glue.
Materials Checklist:
  • Thermal Glue

Installing the Rod Tip


  1. Heat the end of the thermal glue using a butane burner until you see the adhesive begin to melt/soften.
  2. We recommend heating the thermal glue with the butane burners supplied by U Build Rods. A heat gun will not get the thermal glue hot enough safely. Heating the thermal glue with a lighter or similar is possible but there is the risk of falling hot glue as you will need to heat it from below. Using a lighter can also contaminate the thermal glue.

    When using thermal glue be careful. Always work in a well-ventilated area. Thermal glue when heated can burn and is very sticky. If you get hot glue on you treat it as a burn and flush immediately with water.
    Keep heat sources away from flammable objects and be sure to completely extinguish and flames.

  3. Apply a liberal amount of the melted glue to the tip of the blank so it is completely covered all the way around.
  4. Try to apply some glue to the inside of the pipe end of the rod tip.
  5. Push the rod tip onto the end of the blank.
  6. If you don’t manage to align the tip before it hardens, reheat and adjust as needed. You can apply heat directly to the rod tip to do this.

Thermal Glue supplied by U Build Rods is a high heat glue stick specifically designed for adhering the rod tip. It will not soften in sunlight and has high adhesion. Should the tip be damaged it can be easily removed and replaced without compromising the strength of the blank.